James Naigus

Uncharted Wilds

Uncharted Wilds is a piece for 12+ horns and fixed media. It was commissioned by the Northwest Horn Orchestra in 2017. This piece features three quartets of horns, each representing a different biome of the US Northwest landscape. Midway through the piece, accompanied by a rainstorm, the sounds of offstage horns/alphorns can be heard (and played antiphonally). A fixed media track follows with all horns performing together until the very end of the work.

This piece can be played as a traditional concert work, or be done with enhanced theatrics including non-traditional ensemble staging and lighting effects.

Lighting: I initially envisioned turning the house lights down/off at the start of the rainstorm, so the audience could be surrounded by the aleatoric horn calls, spaced all around the hall, in partial darkness. The remainder of the piece could be performed with stand lights for the staged musicians.

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