James Naigus


Starboard was composed in 2012 and is dedicated to James E. Jenkins and the University of Florida Symphonic Brass. The piece features frequent meter changes, rhythmic interplay, and many smaller musical motifs that make up the larger whole. The narrative of the piece is one of sailing into the unknown. To start, the solo horn and trumpet have a call and echo, reverberating over calm waters. The voyage begins with a push, and with each musical idea, or wave, the sky darkens. Rehearsal D marks the quiet before the storm, and with E the fury is in full effect. F marks a heroic attempt at survival, and spirals into the climax of the chaos. We awaken the next morning at rehearsal G, trumpetand horn now playing as one, with a beautiful sky above, having survived the storm. Or did we?

Also available in horn 12-tet version! (recording below)

3tp, 4hn, 3tb, 1eu, 1tu

Available through Veritas Musica Publishing