James Naigus


Odyssey is a work for two horns and fixed media. The work is part of consortium spearheaded by Drs. Nicholas Kenney and Jordan Redd.

PDF and audio files can be purchased for $15. Digitial e-mail delivery (please allow up to 24 hours - thanks!)

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"Music minus one" tracks available courtesy of Drs. Kenney and Redd!
Odyssey Minus Horn 1 - Click here to play along with Nicholas Kenney (Horn 2).
Odyssey Minus Horn 2 - Click here to play along with Jordan Redd (Horn 1).

Members of the Odyssey Consortium include:

Dr. Nicholas Kenney – Southeast Missouri State University
Dr. Jordan Redd – University of North Alabama
Dr. Dafydd Bevil – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Kelly Misko – Missouri Western State University
Kristen Ronning
Catherine Roche-Wallace – University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Sarah Schouten – The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Dakota Corbliss – Appalachian State University
Anna Marshall – University of Illinois Springfield
Patrick Smith – Virginia Commonwealth University
James Boldin – University of Louisiana, Monroe
Heidi Oros
Nancy Joy – New Mexico State University
Seth Orgel – Louisiana State University
Justin Mohling
Heather Test – Texas Christian University
David Mickus
Dr. Monica Martinez – The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Sarah Gillespie – University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Lanette Compton – Oklahoma State University
Rachel Childers – New England Conservatory
Bryan Kennedy – University of Michigan
Michael Morrow – Texas A&M-Commerce
Jeff Solomon – Jacksonville State University
Paul Basler – University of Florida
Kate Warren
Julie Landsman – University of Southern California
Abigail Pack – University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Charles “Skip” Snead – University of Alabama
Gail Williams – Northwestern University
Wayne and Bella Lu
Devin Cobleigh-Morrison
Steven Gross – UC Santa Barbara