James Naigus

20 Modalities

The goal of this etude book is simple - to provide a wealth of etudes that are:

- In the mid-low register of the horn
- Providing ample opportunities for practicing clef switching and ledger line reading
- Legato in nature with an emphasis on extended slurs
- Not too long in length
- Not too taxing - playable near the end of a practice session
- Character pieces in their own right
- Flavored by the unique and fun sounds of modal scales

You may perform these etudes at the recommended tempi, or slow them down to work on stability and note connection. Use the dynamics as a framework or suggestion for more enhanced phrasing, or change it and make it your own!

Versions for trombone and tuba are also available - please see below.

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Horn version (PDF) - $15

Trombone version (PDF) - $15

Tuba version (PDF) - $15