James Naigus

Toward Eternity

Toward Eternity was commissioned by the Collegiate Commissions Project (CCP) in 2019. The title comes from the last two words of the poem “Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson.

Available for purchase (PDF) for $15 here: (please allow up to 24 hour for e-mail delivery)

Members of the consortium include:

Erik Shinn | York Symphony Orchestra, staff
Joshua Bynum | University of Georgia
Peter Ellefson | Indiana University
Bruce Faske | Arkansas State University
Joseph Frye | University of Tennessee at Martin
Jason Hausback | Missouri State University
Stephen Ivany | East Carolina University
Shelby Kifer | The University of Tulsa
Brittany Lasch | Bowling Green State University
Christian Paarup | Richland College
Robert Parker | Bradley University
Brent Phillips | Baylor University
Dan Satterwhite | Lynn University
Nick Sullivan | University of Lethbridge
Sterling Tanner | The Ohio State University
Matt Neff in honor of Bruce Tychinski | University of Delaware
Seth Vatt | Richland College
Russ Zokaites | Morehead State University